5 ways to add value to your property before you sell

5 ways to add value to your property before you sell

In the current political and economic climate, it can be difficult to sell a property in the UK. Indeed, an increased number of people have recently opted not to move, largely due to the current dark cloud above the economy, Express observes.

However, if you remain intent on selling, you could improve your property to boost its appeal and value – and, therefore, get a higher price when you do sell.

Add another bathroom

If you have a large family but just one bathroom, you probably don’t need to be reminded of how much angst can be caused just because of this inconvenient arrangement.

Thus, it’s clear why adding a bathroom – such as through converting an empty room or even space under your stairs – can enhance the property’s value. Insurance firm Direct Line has conducted research hinting that the value boost could be 6.8% for a three-bedroom property.

Add a further bedroom

Extra bedrooms can come in useful for families with children who are past the age of sharing a room or, at least, approaching that time of their life.

There are various ways in which you can create new bedrooms. Extending a loft is one option if you are short of space. It could also be more cost-effective than opting for a double height extension – though whatever work you need to do to add stairs for the bedroom could affect this.

Remodel the kitchen

TV property guru Phil Spencer has, in words quoted by the Daily Mail, called the kitchen “the showpiece area of the home”, explaining: “We don’t just cook in it, we do homework in it, we watch television in it and hold dinner parties there.”

The consumer organisation Which? has found that a property’s value could rise by as much as 6% if a new kitchen is fitted; hence, about £18,000 could be added to a £300,000 home’s value.

Sprucing up the garden

NAEA Propertymark has recently noticed what Alan Titchmarsh has probably already known for a while: that a carefully-tailored garden can appreciably and significantly boost a property’s value.

The estate agency organisation has even cited such a garden as one of the best things that can be added to a home in a simple but also value-boosting way. Remember to clear any litter and mow the lawn, as the Daily Mail recommends. You could also grow trees to improve the privacy of the space.

Have double-glazed windows installed

If your property is right next to a busy road, you might often be able to hear vehicles driving past even when you are in the house. This problem can be even worse if you live near a place where vehicles regularly gather, such as a row of bus stops.

However, if your windows are double-glazed, they can help keep out such noise. A local building firm could provide the windows. Double-glazed windows are, for example, available from Findley Roofing & Building, which also employs roofers for Newcastle upon Tyne homes.