Buying or Renting? Home Ownership Trends around the World

Buying or Renting? Home Ownership Trends around the World

Home ownership rates vary drastically around the world. For example, Germany has what some may consider a low rate at 53%, while it’s a different story in Spain with around 80% of people living in owner-occupied housing. So, why is this the case? Why are some people buying and some people renting around the world?

In the infographic below, we compare home ownership rates around the world and ask who is buying? Furthermore, we take Germany as a case study and question if home ownership is a measure of economic strength. Does the German government have policies in place to discourage home ownership or perhaps, encourage renting? We provide the answers.

Also, get a further insight into home ownership around the world with our introductory facts and statistics section, for example, did you know that research by Citylab in 2013 found less developed countries have consistently higher levels of homeownership, while more advanced nations combine higher levels of economic development with substantially lower levels of homeownership? Finally, if you’re at a stage where you’re contemplating about buying a house, take a look at our pros and cons of renting. These are things worth considering before making the big decision.