5 Common Mistakes That Can Stop Your House Sale in East Dulwich

5 Common Mistakes That Can Stop Your House Sale in East Dulwich

When the time to sell your home comes, it is easy to get caught up in the fix of second-guessing your decisions. You do not want to undersell or overprice your property. You have to showcase your property, but not make it all appear as though it is forced or pressured by potential buyers. Keeping your property appearing “forced” will just create a “hard sell,” pushing you to work with a good listing agent who has a good understanding of the property market and knows what works in the area you live.

Yes, selling your home, especially if you have no experience can be quite time-consuming and challenging emotionally. Most strangers or prospective tenants will walk into your home, poke around in the cabinets and closets, and criticize your property. With no experience and a complex transaction state on your hands, it is easy for people like you to make mistakes that can stop your house sale in East Dulwich.

There are many factors you would want to consider when you decide to sell your property before you list it on the property market. You will want to ensure that all the ups and downs, almost final buyers and the critiques do not become an emotional rollercoaster that dictates your life.

Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when putting up your house for sale.

1.     Setting a Wrong Price for Your Property

If you end up setting a wrong price for your London property, it will make it extremely hard for you to sell it. In case you set the price too low, your buyers will be reluctant to check it out and make an offer because they will wonder what makes the price so low. On the other hand, a high price will drive away prospective buyers completely. The truth is that calculating a suitable price for your property is a difficult task because you have to consider so many aspects. The condition of the home, the area, its market value, and demand are just a few things that could affect the tag of your property. For this particular reason, it is recommended that you work with people who have a good knowledge of the property market, such as the team at Fish Need Water.

2.     Expecting to Get Your Asking Price

The fact is that any smart buyer first will negotiate the price and want you to complete the sale. Many people wish to list their homes at prices that will attract buyers, at the same time, leave some breathing space for possible negotiations. This allows buyers to feel like they are getting a better value and they will allow you to get the best amount you need for the property sale. Sure, whether you decide to end up with less or more than the asking price depends on whether you are in the seller’s market or buyers and how well you stage your property.

3.     Ignoring the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Even though it is a good idea to spend time, energy and money making sure the interior of your property is good enough to win buyers and secure a good sale, this is often done due to the expense of the home’s exterior. Usually, the exterior is as important as the inside. You should consider this for a moment, what parts of the property in London do prospective buyers see first? It’s the outside, so you would want to make sure that the first impression you focus on is the exterior, which should appear immaculate and tidy.

Sweep, remove clutter and clean the driveway, pathway and mow the lawn. For many buyers, gardens are quite important, so it is necessary that yours appears its best as well.

4.     Not Sorting Minor Repairs

When it comes to small and minor repairs, you may think it is a waste of your money and time to sort the inexpensive repairs before you choose to sell your property. However, if you ignore this, you may end up putting people away from going any further than simply viewing your property, it is in a bad state.

5.     Not Deep Cleaned, Cluttered and Untidy

Although it may just sound like an act of common sense, it is worth noting here because of how common the issue really is. Some people leave their home cluttered, with their personal items lying around in their house and it is viewed by the prospective buyers. Know that a buyer will only appreciate your property if you keep it clean and tidy. You should hide the clutter, keep the floor clean and deep clean your home before you advertise it and take viewing bookings.

When selling your property, you need to make sure that you pay attention to even the smallest details. This ensures that your property remains on top of the sale list and you attract more buyers. Always consult experienced estate agents in your area, since they will know everything about the property market.