6 Considerations for Valuing Your Home in London

6 Considerations for Valuing Your Home in London

If you are deciding or considering to put up your home for sale, you should know that there some considerations you have to take, including the current housing market of UK and how you choose to market your home, whether it is online or through estate agents in Camberwell. These days, selling your home with an estate agent has become a new concept, which is why it is important to know the right things before you sell your property.

If you contact an estate agent, it is advisable that you first carry out a research of your own on how the valuation process will work. It is important that every home goes through a valuation on daily basis, and you should know that every home needs to be valued on an individual basis, and you have to focus on far more considerations other than the size alone. In addition, you may also want to increase the value of your property by carrying out some repairs.

Deciding to sell your home will a daunting task and it is important that you carry out your research before you take the plunge. Here are some considerations you should shed a light on before you contact your estate agent.

1. Size

Note that the size is the first obvious consideration you need to focus on when you value your home, in particular in the case choosing apartments where values are a lot largely determined by the floor space. However, note that a professional valuation from experts such as those at Fish Need Water should also take the sizes of each room into account. These days, you should know that many buyers prefer fewer larger rooms and open plan designs than lots of poky and small rooms.

Before you have your property valued, it is best that you remove any clutter, use neutral colours in smaller rooms, and use lighting to make the rooms appear bigger.

2. Consider the Location

Unsurprisingly, the location of your home is also an important consideration you need to make when it comes to valuing your property. After all, there is a vast difference between the prices in property in central London and other rural areas across the country. Although location maybe a matter of personal preference to a degree, but most buyers tend to pay more for a property that allows easy access to a wide range of public services and situated in a relatively safe and quiet area.

3. Condition of the Home

Note that shrewd investors will always search for properties that ask for low asking price due to the poor levels and conditions of maintenance. However, if you decide to get a good price for your property and the appeal of your building, you will need to improve the condition as much as you can approve. Note that a person who is in desperate need of major renovation work will likely demand less than half of the price compared to a similar building in the perfect condition.

4. Type of Property You Own

Regardless of the size of the property, know that the actual type of property plays a major influence on the value mentioned by You Choose Windows. For example, if you choose a historic timber cottage it may end up being more expensive to run without the comforts of equivalent size of a modern building, but it will appeal to a specific niche. As such, its value is likely to be higher. Similarly, those houses uses as weekend cottages will not be as valuable as those designed for permanent living.

5. Presentation of Your Home

Even though it may be largely superficial, the presentation counts a lot when it comes to getting an encouraging valuation and being able to receive offers at anything near your desired price. Before you decide to allow anyone to value your home, you need to make sure that it is thoroughly clean and clean both from the inside and outside.

Added extras such as getting new guttering to maximise protection from rainwater on the roof. Call a trusted trades company such as 247 Drainage UK who will be able to help you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

Making a good first impression is also critical, and it makes sense to carry some basic improvements for your home, even if you go as far as just cleaning your home carpets professionally and putting a new paint coat. You can also install better lightings to improve the appearance of your home from dull to bright. Click here to see a list of independent cleaning companies in London.

6. Right Price

Pricing is also an important factor you need to consider. If your home is not priced correctly within the first few weeks of its being on the market, you will likely attract a small number of buyers to your home within a reasonable time.

A key factor here to consider is the price tag. As a seller, you should be able to know the exact worth of your property and research the values of comparable properties in your area as a benchmark. Note that buyers can find out what other homes are offering in your street, suburb, and related areas. As a seller, it is best that you use a guideline to help you establish a fair price for your home.

Even though you decide to get a rough estimate of the value of your home by using different tools, the information provided may not be sufficient to determine the realistic price of asking. Estate agents will be able to give you a better idea of the valuation. Hence, it is advisable that you consult the best ones in your area before finalising the deal.