An Insight into Contemporary Smart Door Locks

An Insight into Contemporary Smart Door Locks

Nowadays, innovations happen on daily basis, the tech market is growing and advances in digital technologies seem to occur almost every week. This is really good news for buyers and users as there is a wide choice of devices available and options are numerous, whether you’re looking to buy new or upgrade your existing one. Smart door locks market is also on the rise, possibilities are great but it’s also imperative to do the research first, since knowing how they operate and how to use them correctly will enable you to fully protect your and possessions.

Function and advantages

Smart door locks are made to lock and unlock your door when they receive such instructions from an authorized device using a wireless connection. They have two parts: the lock and the key, where in the electronic lock design, the key is not a physical object, but a smartphone which then performs the authentication needed for automatic unlocking of the door.

One of the great options it offers is monitoring of all events happening at the door, legitimate or illegitimate. It also allows homeowners to grant access to third parties, by giving them a virtual key. It is sent to recipients’ smartphones by e-mail or SMS, which then allows them to unlock the smart door lock in the time frame also previously designated by the sender.

Another convenience of smart locks is that they can allow or deny access remotely by means of mobile apps. Some smart locks have a built-in Wi-Fi connection that enables monitoring so the user can access notifications or the cameras and see the person requesting access.

Since most smart locks are digital, they function under operating systems which are, unfortunately, frequently incompatible. So if you’re intending to use your smartphone as the access key and lock controller, make sure first that they both use the same system, Android, Windows, Symbian or other.


Smart door locks are powered by batteries, which could be their major drawback for the simple reason that sometimes additional batteries are difficult to find or they’re difficult to recharge and it takes them hours to do so. One of the worst-case scenarios is when you arrive home from a week’s holiday or a business trip and you can’t enter your home because the batteries in your smart door lock are dead.

These situations are never pleasant or easy to deal with but they are actually, quite frequent. There’s always an option of getting help. Give an experienced emergency locksmith and they’ll help you quickly and efficiently at any time of the day, so there’s no fear you would stay locked out and stranded in the street.

As a form of prevention, it’s good to have a fall back plan when the batteries die out since this preparation will save you time, money and nerves.


There are two types of smart door locks. Most frequently, they are installed separately from the traditional locks but there are also ones that can be attached to the existing locks.  Both types function perfectly and it’s just up to the user to decide on their preferences. Another option is having a digital display so you could customize the welcome note and even take pictures of your visitors.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see numerous advantages of installing smart door locks – it’s a practical and saves you the trouble of constantly fumbling for your keys, all the existing locks are still there and everyone can still use their old keys if they want, you can always track who is coming and going and with auto-lock option, you can finally relax and not worry if you left the door unlocked.