Creating a Kid-Friendly Living Room

Creating a Kid-Friendly Living Room

Were you under the impression that having kids would be all sunshine and rainbows from now till they move out? Has the harsh reality hit you like a stone brick yet? The truth is, while kids are the greatest joy that can befall you in life, starting and raising a family requires some sacrifice, persistence, and most of all, change.

If you want to succeed in the parenting game, you will have to change the way you think, sleep, eat, and function on a daily basis to meet the needs of your little munchkins. And that means updating your living environment as well. Here are the five easiest ways to create a truly kid-friendly living room.

Clear the mess and keep safety in mind

First things first, the living room area needs to be clean, free of clutter, and ready to welcome all of your kids’ toys and necessities. So, say goodbye to your precious figurines or a beautiful artisan vase, and put it somewhere safe, otherwise it’s just a matter of time before it becomes just another victim in a game of war between the kids.

You first want to declutter thoroughly, keeping in mind to throw away or give away everything you don’t need or haven’t used in over six months. Next, you want to think about the potential safety hazards and how to eliminate them. Use doorstops to prevent doors from slamming into the kids while they’re running (and vice versa), put baby locks on the drawers, and cover up sharp edges with cushiony corner guards.

Easily washable walls

Kids love to make a mess, especially when they do it creatively through an artistic outlet. Like painting the walls. Now, you might cringe and feel lightheaded when you think about your kids “destroying your beautiful wallpaper” but just remember that they don’t see it that way. To them, it’s all a game.

And you should let them be creative as much as they like, especially if you choose a washable paint sheen to kid-proof your precious paintjob. You can even find washable flat paints that you can clean easily with a damp cloth or even use magnetic, chalkboard, or dry-erase paints so that your kids can draw on the walls to their heart’s content.

Mind the furniture

If you stick with your old furniture, chances are it’s all going to get destroyed at some point, so you want to introduce new, kid-friendly pieces in order to safeguard their health, and your furniture as well. Search for companies offering stain-resistant fabrics, slip-covered options, leather, and sunbrella fabrics.

These will be able to withstand vigorous stress over many years of jumping, fighting, and playing, and what’s even better, they are easily cleaned, so you can let your dog enjoy the couch or the sofa as well. Don’t forget to apply some anti-bacterial spray on the surface every once in a while.

Kid-friendly floors

Having to vacuum and dust the floors every single day is a common occurrence in a family setting, especially if you have pets. From dust and dirt, to spills and dog hair, there is always something to mess up your beautiful floor. That’s why you want to choose a flooring option that’s suitable for such as a hectic environment.

While vinyl, wood, marble, stone, tile and laminate all work well in such a setting, you also want to make the living room feel cozy and warm. You can easily do that with the DecoRug’s extensive range of shaggy rugs that are both durable and extremely easy to clean. This will allow the kids and the dog to play on the floor without the risk of injury, and you will be able to clean up after them in a matter of minutes.

Introduce plenty of accessories

Finally, a kid-friendly living room should boast all of the things that make your kids happy, from their toys to framed artwork on the walls they made with their own hands, and various knick-knacks on the shelves and mantels.

Just make sure they are far from their reach. Don’t forget to add stacks of books in a variety of genres, and natural elements on the tables, including wooden bowls, shells, pinecones, and even candlesticks for that homey feeling.

Raising a family is one of life’s greatest blessings, however, it can be a real challenge at times. Be sure to use these essential tips to upgrade your home, and you will have no problem creating a truly kid-friendly living room.