The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

The global luxury real estate market is booming. For cities like Hong Kong, New York and London, you can expect to pay anything from $4,000-$11,000 per square foot for property.

This infographic  shows the most expensive real estate markets in the world and provides interesting data on these booming markets. For example, find out the average price per square foot, the average property size and learn how property prices have changed over time in some of the most expensive real estate cities in the world.

Take Hong Kong for example – it reaches the very top of our list. Luxury housing on the Chinese island territory averaged nearly $11,000 per square foot in 2012. The average property size of a local “billionaire property” on the island is 5,200 square feet, making the average luxury home valued at more than $57 million. The record for the city’s most expensive deal is held by a house on Deep Water Bay Road that received approximately $13,000 per square foot in 2011. To find out more about some of the world’s most expensive real estate market, check out our insightful infographic below.