Family Entertainment Room: Design Considerations

Family Entertainment Room: Design Considerations

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, we are empowered to make even our wildest entertainment dreams a reality. However, you cannot just throw in tech and then sit back and relax. There are various design considerations and moving parts to factor in, ones that can make or break the space. And with kids around, a few extra elements are added to the mix.

So, you better be prepared to plan ahead of time and roll up your sleeves. Here is how to make it happen and witness the enthralling symphony of vision and sound before you.

A game plan

Right off the bat, consider how you would like to use the space. Some homeowners, for instance, decide to let the entertainment area double as a living room. This strategy is a great way to keep the rest of the household tech and gadget-free. Of course, there is nothing wrong with creating a room designed purely for entertainment.

In any case, the first thing to do is figure out which room can best serve as a family-friendly retreat. Some common candidates are a basement, attic, guest room, and other spaces that do not get much love and attention. Ideally, it should be a space that is separate from the rest of the home.

One other thing you have to realize here is that windows can be a problem. To be more precise, the natural light coming in tends to cause annoying glares on the screen. Then again, this issue can be solved with blinds and curtains.

A family space project

Employ smart storage to free up space for seating and foot traffic. Kids may also want to keep their toys around even when enjoying a cartoon or video game , so you need storage for that as well.

I would recommend built-in and custom-made storage, which is the optimal solution because it adds very little to the existing problem, the lack of space. Moreover, make the most of the vertical dimension and opt for wall-mounted storage options like shelves. Note that you can also place multipurpose furniture pieces with integrated storage capacities.

While devising ways of boosting functionality, you should not lose sight of the comfort. Add features such as bean bags and big cushions as well as decorative pieces that reflect your personality. Make the room feel cosy and warm.

Finally, do not overlook the lighting. We mentioned natural lighting earlier, but artificial fittings also get in the way of enjoyment if they are too bright. Therefore, use dimmers to not only create a relaxing atmosphere, but also maximise media enjoyment.


Summoning tech servants

An entertainment room can hardly be imagined without technology, and a quality TV is its dazzling crown jewel. I would recommend mounting it on a wall because you will save the most space that way.

Flat-panel TVs are perhaps the best option for this, but if you are not feeling overly confident in your own skills, do not hesitate to call genuine pros, as these Brisbane-based TV installation experts. They can help you ensure that a mounted TV is safe for children and fits the overall design scheme.

Once your screen is in place, start adding other gadgets around it. To go the extra mile, opt for a home theatre setup that will offer you both visual and audio bliss. Just pay attention to the positioning of the speakers and keep cable mess at bay.

If you want to enable kids to enjoy some gaming, invest in a Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox console. It can be connected to a TV or, in case you want a bigger display, to a projector.

Of course, provided that there is enough space, you can add other amenities: integrate some playful game room ideas and include features such as foosball, pool table, board game table, etc.

Full of the joys of spring

A family entertainment room needs to be thoroughly planned and carefully designed. This is the only way to implement your ideas and assemble a functional space that maximises enjoyment. So, de-clutter to set the stage for centrepieces and tech marvels. Position them strategically and enhance the overall comfort and functionality.

Using steps presented above, you should be able to turn underutilized space into the ultimate zone of fun and entertainment. Prepare to be blown away.