Are you looking to find property for sale in London?

Are you looking to find property for sale in London?

Buying or renting is one of the key topics on the agenda for many young people at the moment. After all, with rental prices sky high and with even a shoebox in one of the least salubrious parts of London costing a fortune it can often seem like a wise move to buy. However, finding property for sale in London can be tough too – with many balking at the option of taking on hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt.

Finding properties to rent therefore, although expensive, can seem like a better deal – especially if the tenant is young and wants the flexibility of being able to leave at a moment’s notice – to travel round the world for example. Or even to be able to change properties easily if they’re not sure where they want to live. Whatever the situation, life sure can be hard for those looking for the right house price in London!

One place that can be worth checking is Zoopla - a property and house price website. Although it’s quite generic, it provides information about previously sold house prices and estimates values of house prices throughout the UK. Good for someone who’s not sure where they want to live and who maybe wants to just get an overview of the market. There’s also a new school of thought when it comes to disruptive online sites such as This is that believes estate agents are no longer necessary and that sellers can market their properties themselves, cutting their fees drastically. The problem is with this method is that estate agents have a lot of inside knowledge that makes them more suitable when it comes to marketing. The hassle factor for sellers can be quite large!

Therefore it can be far more time efficient to ensure that you spend time choosing the right estate agent with the right local knowledge. One such example is Best Gapp, who specialise in property in Belgravia. Having been in the area for some 130 years, building up their reputation, they understand the market very well! Alternatively, if you were looking for a lovely large property in South West London, you could approach Robert Holmes, a Wimbledon estate agent who focus on flats, houses, offices and shops in that area and have grown their expertise over the last 30 years.

And if you want to pick up a pretty pied-a-terre in the West End, that thriving hub of culture, you can always give LDG a call – a Central London estate agents who understand only too well what type of clientele will benefit from using their services. As does Paramount Properties, an estate agents in West Hampstead who have a range of experienced negotiators ready to help out those looking for property to buy and rent. Their knowledge ensures they understand the property and architectural styles customers are looking for.

I hope this article’s been useful for those looking for property to buy or rent in London. The UK capital can be expensive but once you’ve moved in you’ll never want to leave!