Luxury Homes: Hot Design Trends

Luxury Homes: Hot Design Trends

Cosy, inviting and comfortable are usually the words most people use to describe their homes. It’s a place of refuge at the end of the day, where you can relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Lately, we’ve been witnessing a shift beyond the mere desire of a getaway to creating a fun and entertaining space where everyone can come and enjoy themselves, share their lives and create new memories.

Today’s luxury home designs are constantly giving homeowners new ideas and endless opportunities to make their own havens, so here are some of the most sought-after trends.

Colours and textures

One of the biggest trends colour-wise is going green and bringing in nature as much as possible. We’re seeing a lot of indoor greenery in the form of big plants such as palms and fern, but there’s also a lot of natural hues like yellow-green nuances, earthy shades of both green kale and warm brown hazelnut, neutral nudes with splashes of fiery orange and lapis blue. Cool colours like greens, blues and greys can be seen in furniture such as velvet sofas and lounge chairs.

Unexpected pairings of materials are very popular now and add a lot of texture. There’s a lot of mixed metals: silver and nickel, brass and chrome. Their effect is emphasised by pendants and lamps, metal trays and vases. This unexpected contradiction is achieved by putting different materials, surfaces and finishes together is what breathes life into dull spaces and adds a touch of elegance, style and luxury.



A prominent trend in home design nowadays is a focus on open floor plan living areas that bring together living rooms and kitchens. There are now fewer barriers as both hosts and guests prefer to see each other while cooking and entertaining.

Kitchens have always been the heart and hearth of a home, so they naturally receive a lot of attention. They’re getting bigger, require much more storage and counter space, and areas both for casual conversations and big, sit-down dinners. If you need more inspiration, check out these luxury new homes to get a clearer picture.


For many of us, bathrooms have always been that one place where you can retreat and enjoy solitude and silence. Master baths are getting a royal treatment these days and are becoming a kind of luxurious, spa retreats. They are spacious and lavish with huge walk-in showers, large double vanities and oversized, whirlpool tubs.

Game rooms and home theatres

Home theatres and game rooms have gained so much popularity lately, that they’ve become a must for most homebuyers. Game rooms usually include various game and billiards tables, a fully stocked wet bar, a kids’ play area and a gaming station for juniors and tweenagers.

Home theatres are in high demand not only because they let you enjoy in your favourite movies, but they also enable you to gather a lot of people in one place and have a one-of-a-kind movie screening party. They have become more elaborate and moved far beyond just comfortable sofas. Now, it’s all about the popcorn machine, candy, sodas, enormous screens, cutting edge equipment and lounge-style seating.


The outdoors

Courtyards are currently a much sought-after feature, mostly because they can offer an easy and quick transportation from the hustle and bustle of noisy street life into a quiet and relaxing oasis. The outdoors, both at the front and back of the house, are gaining a lot of attention and are not viewed anymore as just lawns and hedges. They’re very rich in diverse plant life and vibrant colours, they offer outdoor fireplaces, calming water features and comfortable seating.

A lot of homeowners are leaning towards creating resort-like entertainment areas with large swimming pools with waterfalls and fountains, in-pool bars and water slides. If the budget allows it, the possibilities are countless.