Manchester is the UK’s no.1 location to live

Manchester is the UK’s no.1 location to live

Manchester has gone through something of a transition period in the last few years, with the movement to the north-west of many media companies having galvanised the city and made it a more popular place to live than ever before.

And now, it has been named as the number one location to live in the whole of the UK, according to the Global Liveability Survey, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It ranked the top cities in the world based on health care, education, stability, culture and environment and infrastructure.

Manchester came top of all the UK cities, ranking 46th in the world, and experts said this was little surprise given the way the city has made huge improvements in recent times to bring residents a richer way of life.

Manchester jumped up the rankings, climbing from 51st last year, and it now sits significantly higher than London, which ranks at just number 55 in the list.

A​ndrew Stokes, chief executive at Marketing Manchester, said: “For those of us who live and work here, it comes as no surprise to hear that Manchester has once again been listed amongst the world’s most liveable cities and, indeed, the highest ranking city in the UK.

“Manchester has been on an upward trajectory for the best part of two decades now and wherever you look – be it science, transport, culture, property, investment – there is evidence of huge positive change helping to make life here significantly richer.”

He said in addition to this that a strong focus on bringing more jobs and careers to the city has meant that people are more inclined to want to live in the north-west city.

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