How to Properly Renovate a Bathroom for Resale

How to Properly Renovate a Bathroom for Resale

When you’re planning to sell your home, there are two key points that will make a good sale: the bathroom and the kitchen. All potential homebuyers will look closely at these two rooms and insist on top of quality. Most of them have already stretched their budget to the maximum and will look to buy the most expensive home they can afford. Therefore, you can’t expect them to go for a house where the kitchen and bathroom in need of a makeover.

If you’re looking to make top dollar on the resale of your home, here are the factors to have in mind.


When you’re planning your approach and picking out the design for your bathroom remodel, go for one your buyers will be able to identify with. It should be a place they can envision themselves in. At the same time, make it enjoyable and comfortable for you as well while you’re still there. Great quality materials and excellent workmanship will give you immense pleasure, but they will also be the top selling point of your home.

Look for things that sell well, such as pretty tiles, neutral colours, nice fixtures and great lighting. While at it, don’t forget your budget. If possible, think about upcycling instead of getting all brand new elements. Sometimes a simple hardware replacement, new faucets and refreshed cabinets can give the bathroom a top-notch look.

Get advice from real estate professionals

It’s a smart move to do some research: find comparable homes in your area and see what kind of bathrooms they have. In order to be more competitive, you might have to up your game, maybe add another half bathroom or even a full bath. Talk to real estate agents and listen to their advice about what bathroom features tick the buyers’ boxes.

If you are needing work done it is always important to get help from trusted professionals. This is so that the problem does not get worse by the job not being done correctly and you do not end up costing yourself more in the long run. Please see Electrics On Tap for more advice.


Add a “wow” factor

If you’ve already decided on the major task of replacing the flooring, then you might want to consider adding heated floors. This will give a truly luxurious feeling to the room. It strikes the chord with those buyers who are looking to get the best value for their money, as it’s not cheap and speaks heaps in terms of quality and value.

Practical hand showers and huge overhead showerheads are desirable features that are convenient, cost-effective and an upgrade in comparison to traditional bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom vanities are usually the largest items in the bathroom, but they are essential to the function and appearance of it. They can be very effective in elevating the space and the style of the room, and if you go for bathroom vanities by Acqua Bathrooms, you will not only have a place to wash your hands and face, but also a great space-saving element for storing of all your bathroom necessities.

Finally, rethink your bathroom lighting. Most bathrooms struggle with introducing enough light, so your remodelling project is a great opportunity to choose lighting fixtures that are a functional but also an attractive source of illumination. For traditional bathrooms, sconces are a great option, whereas for a more modern and sleek look, it’s better to go for elongated glass bulbs. Ceiling lights are a great source of brightness and a vintage chandelier over the tub will give the space a touch of elegance and romance.


Effective details and unique accessories will naturally attract the eye, so when all work is done, give your attention to small things: switch out the towels, replace the shower curtain and add eye-catching items such as a vase with flowers and a silver jewellery box. Roll up the extra towels neatly on an open shelf and keep the clutter off the vanity countertop. These are the small but effective touches that will contribute to the overall vibe of your fully made over bathroom.

Be meticulous to the last detail, pick the best quality materials and a timeless design and you’ll end up with a breathtaking sanctuary of a bathroom that will surely seal the deal when you sell your home.