9 Things to do before renovating your house

9 Things to do before renovating your house

There is always a new thing that you might want about your house. It might be a beautiful kitchen, a big bedroom, or a better painting. Are you planning to improve the general outlook of your home? It is essential to renovate your home immediately you notice any hitch to avoid future mishaps.

Improving the outlook for your home is a challenging project; hence you need to plan well before commencing it. You will want to plan how long you would like it to take and how you are going to manage the whole project.

Whether you want to sell your house or add additional rooms, early planning will help you add value to your home. Below are things to you can do as you plan to renovate your home.

1. Your family dynamics

Sometimes it may be difficult to move out of your home for the renovation process. You need to plan where the renovation process can start without distracting other family members. For example, if you work from home, you might want to move your home office upstairs as the renovation process goes on downstairs.

Plan how you are going to move around with your family without interfering with the process until it is done. If you have another place to stay during the project, you can plan moving out. You also can live with your relatives or stay in a hotel depending on your budget.

2. Budget

Never start a renovating project without setting up a budget. Even if you have saved a lot of cash, you need to find out the cost of renovating your house. Ask from friends and family members how much it cost them.

You can also get in touch with a local contractor and inquire how much it might cost. Add 20 percent more to that cost just in case other expenses arise. Budgeting helps you to avoid overspending or getting short of money in the middle of the project.

As you plan your budget, you also need to be realistic. You cannot go for expensive renovation projects when there are more affordable options within your limit. If you are planning to change the paintings, ceiling boards, or tiles, choose the ones within your budget, and you can always upgrade them later.

3. Choose the right contractor (and don’t forget the cleaning)

When choosing a house contractor, don’t just go to anyone. You might want to get referrals from nearby friends who have had their homes renovated well. You can also check home improvement companies on the internet. Check their reviews and samples of their work before contacting them.

Also, you will want your house to look neat once the renovation is completed, especially if you are planning to rent it anytime soon. Consider getting a professional move out cleaning which is suitable for moving in occasions too. Most reputable cleaning companies will provide you with a guarantee (ranging from 24h to 72h) which is exceptionally valuable if any tenants are going to occupy the property. So, it makes sense to have the final cleaning in mind while planning the rest of your renovation process.

don’t forget the cleaning

4. Find out what you can fix by yourself

While home renovation needs a contractor, you can do some things for yourself if you have time. If your bathroom windows look too old and you feel that you need to replace them, try to clean them thoroughly first.

You can also paint the walls, install new cabinets where they are required and upgrade the cabinet hardware. Try to do what you are capable of doing well and leave the rest to the contractor. While it is tempting to do some things like painting by yourself or achieve a truly low carbon building, don’t make a mistake of doing it if you don’t have the skills.

5. Your safety

Is your home safe for that renovation project? Check out whether any cables are hanging around and inform a contractor before starting the project. You will also need to ask your contractor to advise you whether it will be safe to renovate part of the house while you stay on another side with your family.

What about the noise? Is it going to affect your family? If you have small kids, they might be distracted by noise. You might want to move out if the conditions are not conducive to your family.

6. Consider the time needed to complete the project

Renovating may take a longer time than what you had in mind. You shouldn’t underestimate the time required as emergencies may occur. You might want to take a few days off your work and plan for the project.

Ask the contractors how long it might take and add a few days more to be on the safe side. Planning well on time helps you to be on the safer side especially if you are going to move out of your home.

renovating home

7. Arrange everything in your house

Since you are going to renovate your whole house or part of it, the renovators need enough space. You might want to move everything out or move some things from the area they are going to renovate.

You will have to start by getting rid of clutter. Clutter involves anything that you don’t use or need. If you are not using anything yet it can be helpful in future, consider keeping it at a nearby self storage facility. Check there self storage prices and organize what you want them to store for you.

8. Have a big dream

Even though it is essential to work within your budget, don’t let it hinder you from getting a good interior design in your home. Research from different magazines about modern house designs within your budget. You will realize that some models are excellent and within your budget. You might also inquire from professional designers about affordable interior designs for your home.

9. Avoid rushing the renovation project

Even though you might be having a specific timeframe in mind to complete the whole thing, don’t speed it in case of any delay. Your safety is more important than the deadline they will take to finish it.

Even if they are working on an hourly basis, you can negotiate with them and see how they can try to fit in your budget. Ensure they are using safety equipment to avoid any accidents.

Renovating your house adds value to your home. It makes it comfortable to stay and more aesthetically appealing. Through renovating your home, you can have the confidence of welcoming visitors and even taking photos among other benefits.

You should, therefore, plan before starting any renovation project. You need to prepare your budget, where you are going to stay and finding the right contractor among other things. With the above tips in mind, you can go ahead and start your home renovation project.