Repurposing Wooden Pallets: Creative Ideas

Repurposing Wooden Pallets: Creative Ideas

Wooden pallets are one of those things that tend to spring up everywhere. After a renovation or a building project, you somehow always seem to end up with a few extra pallets and the question becomes – what can you do with them? As a matter of fact, with a bit of imagination and a few creative ideas employed, there is quite an impressive number of things you can do with that extra wood. If you’re interested what some of these things are, read further for some creative ideas on repurposing wooden pallets.

Shelving units

This is one of the easier wooden-pallet-retooling projects. You can turn them into truly unique shelving units with a saw and a bit of lacquer. In fact, they can look downright rustic and attractive. These shelves can serve as magazine holders and you can even keep your bulky book collection on them.

The advantage is in the construction of the very pallet – they were made to endure through heavy transportation across the world, so they can be repurposed to serve as shelves both indoors and outdoors. However, more often than not, in order to turn pallets into shelves, you will have to disassemble them and tailor the planks to the required lengths.

If you have a power saw and power drill, your job should be even easier. Also, having an orbital sander to smooth surfaces out can come in really handy. Lacquer comes in the very end and you will end up with cheap but authentic shelving.

Outdoor furniture

Believe it or not, it is actually really easy to retool wooden pallets into pieces of furniture. After all, the minds of human beings concentrate on potential function of something more than its other traits, so if the pallet looks like a dry and clean thing you can sit on even without doing any retooling, why wouldn’t you turn it into outdoor furniture?

In fact, if you have enough pallets, you can stack them one atop the other and connect them to create a potential coffee table, a chair or even a “couch”. With a few coats of paint that gels with the color of seating pillows or a tablecloth, this becomes quite obvious. The versatility of wooden pallets is incredibly impressive.


Considering the nature of the pallets, it is not a stretch to imagine them as parts of a makeshift deck. In fact, the greatest advantage of this project is not only how cheap it is but how fast you can actually do it. A backyard deck is a sort of household project that usually requires a lot of money, so taking loans from banks for this undertaking is not an uncommon thing.

On the other hand, this perspective becomes absurd once you have enough wooden pallets to repurpose them into backyard deck. However, considering the size of this project, you have to check the pallets and see if they are in well-enough condition for this. Depending on the type of delivery or warehouse service you have used, they can be well-kept on pallet racking components, and the best scenario is when you know the material is reliable without a need for inspection.

If the pallets are strong enough to serve as supporting construction, you can connect them with drywall screws and use a shovel to fill the places in the ground that seems uneven with dirt or gravel. This way, you will end up with a nice backyard deck.

These examples only go to show how resourceful and creative people can be. Who would have known you can repurpose something as mundane and innocuous as a wooden pallet in such ways? Even though their primary purpose was in the realm of transport and shipping, they can easily be turned into parts of everyday furniture and even look very stylish.