Semi-Detached Home: Getting the Most Out of It

Semi-Detached Home: Getting the Most Out of It

Commonly referred to as a “semi”, a semi-detached home has been an integral part of the English residential landscape for centuries, giving both villages and towns a unique architectural look. It’s a design equally favoured by homeowners and architects and can be seen in a large variety of forms and shapes.

With all its aesthetic allure and a specific structure, a semi does pose some challenges when the time comes to do some updating and renovating. This kind of project will demand a different approach and creative solutions. Here is how you can transform your semi into a dream home but still remain a good neighbour.

Reconfigure the layout

Clever and practical way to bring a feeling of larger space and more flow in a semi-detached home is to create an open floor plan as very often the interior design of a semi seems very limited and constrained by walls and separations. Although an open space layout can be tricky when it comes to noise and kitchen smells reaching almost every corner of the house, it still offers loads of opportunities for clever decorations and functional solutions.

An open floor requires a very clear distinction of space into a designated living room area, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. In family spaces, this can be done by using a low wall, glass doors and shelving, whereas in more private areas, it’s best you stick with the original design.

Build an extension

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create additional space in your home is by building an extension in the rear of your home that can serve as kids’ play area, a study or a home cinema. Before you start knocking down walls, be sure to check with the local council if you need a special permit and what type of materials you’re obliged to use.

Being restricted to a specific material choice doesn’t mean you must give up on a contemporary design and the use of glazed surfaces or bolder colours. There are endless possibilities for you to design a custom-made home, just make sure you allow a lot of natural light in without compromising the structural integrity of the house or your neighbours’ view.

Give your backyard a makeover

Semi-detached homes always have a garden in the back and regardless of its size, you can do a lot to make it beautiful and inviting. The first option is lush landscape and vibrant greenery that will turn your backyard into a true oasis.

Another approach is to incorporate various amenities that will elevate your outdoor experience to a whole new level. Adding one of those compact fibreglass pools is definitely something that would fit in well with the lush greenery and your budget, and it will also give your backyard an ambiance of a luxury resort. Creating an outdoor kitchen with a grill area or a fire pit, and a patio with comfortable garden furniture will complete your backyard makeover and give you a space that none of your family or friends would ever want to leave.

Bring in the natural light

For the narrow structure of a semi-detached home with a solid parting wall, introducing lots of natural light is a must. Your best solution would be to expand the windows facing your backyard and use as many glass frames as you can for the rear extension. This is where open floor plans excel as they allow natural light to penetrate all the way from the front of your home to the back.

Once you get hooked onto a semi, it becomes hard to choose any other home design. Fortunately, you won’t need to after you invest just a little of your time and effort into transforming it into a custom-made functional dwelling. With these design tips, that renovation project will help you get the most out of your semi-detached home and give you many more years of joy in it.